Manoj Kewalramani quoted in The Quint on Chinese media coverage of the Ladakh standoff

Manoj Kewalramani was quoted in an article by Smitha TK for The Quint on the Chinese media’s coverage of the standoff between Indian and Chinese armies in Ladakh.

Manoj said: “In India, there will be pressure from the public and the government is required to respond because of the way our system is. In China, the pressure will be from elites. The people might not know because the media is not talking about it. But PLA knows. The party elites know.”

On reports about PLA casualties, Manoj said:

“I don’t think we should even expect them to (share details), because it is really not part of traditional reporting culture to acknowledge casualties. The 1962 war casualties were acknowledged in an internal study in 1994. Till today, we don’t know how many people died in the war with Vietnam. If in fact they announce the casualties in figures, then it is a strategic choice that the government is making to stoke public anger because you are actually departing from what is the norm. That is a purposeful step which is not like the common practice in India, where you need some degree of transparency.”

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