Manoj Kewalramani quoted in Hindustan Times on India’s planned economic measures against China

Manoj Kewalramani was quoted in an article in Hindustan Times on 2nd July 2020, discussing India’s planned economic measures with regard to Chinese infrastructure investments and trade.

Manoj was quoted as saying:

“Unfortunately, given the nature of the Sino-Indian economic relationship, leverage is limited. First, it’s not like the Chinese are heavily invested in Indian MSMEs or highway projects. Moreover, targeting investments in infrastructure only hurts India’s development with little strategic gain. Second, targeting joint ventures might further cut off capital flows into India, something India needs more of instead to deal with the pandemic triggered slowdown. Third, restricting imports can be a double-edged sward. Chinese imports are critical to Indian exports. So the government needs to be careful in doing this, lest it hurt Indian exporters.”

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