Lt Gen Prakash Menon speaks at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)

Lt Gen Prakash Menon spoke at a session during IDSA’s Seminar on India’s National Security: Kargil to Present Times. He presented his paper “India’s Nuclear Journey Post Kargil” which is published in the July-September 2019 edition of the Journal of Defence Studies.

Speaking during Session 2 of the seminar, Lt Gen Menon focused his talk on “Limited Conflicts Under Nuclear Overhang”.

An excerpt from his paper:

“Kargil was an early milestone in India’s journey towards becoming a nuclear weapons power. Two decades later, India has shed the image of a reluctant nuclear power and morphed into being a responsible one. The credit for this achievement can be traced to the wisdom that is embedded in India’s nuclear doctrine that has guided the development, growth and deployment of its nuclear wherewithal. The hallmarks of the doctrine like Civilian control, No First Use, and Credible Minimum Deterrence have endured despite internal and external pressures. However, the first leg of the operational journey will be completed only when sufficient nuclear submarines are operational, a process that should be completed sooner than later.”

You can read the full paper here.