Look beyond the pockets of protests

This should put into perspective the areas in Kashmir Valley where we witness protests. These areas were, are and will probably remain strongholds of the separatists. These people are the irreconcilables. They won’t be won over by any step India takes, short of allowing the Valley to merge with Pakistan. An incessant media focus on these pockets of orchestrated trouble after every incident creates a distorted picture about the overall situation in the state. A majority of people in the state want to lead peaceful lives. They want jobs, they want tourism to flourish, they want more economic opportunities. Since the last troubled summer in Kashmir in 2010, people have shown their yearning for normality by consistently rejecting calls by separatists for protests, shutdowns and boycotts. That the security forces have been able to suppress the jehadi violence to its lowest levels since 1989 has allowed this yearning to be expressed freely.