Liberal Nationalists Series – Memorial event for S.V. Raju

Takshashila Institution in collaboration with the Bangalore International Centreorganised a panel discussion on SV Raju and Liberal Politics in India”, a memorial event for Mr S V Raju on August 7, 2015.  The panel consisted of Mr. Ajit Ranade and Mr. Vivek Raju and the discussion was moderated by Nitin Pai. 

Late Mr SV Raju was the executive secretary of the Swatantra party at its national headquarters for 14 years between 1959 and 1973. He had edited, authored, and published many books like Democracy and Development, Fundamental Rights and the Citizen, When the Wind Blows – India’s Ballot Box Revolution.

Ajit Ranade,  an economist and a political analyst based in Mumbai, spoke about the Mr. S V Raju, his role in the Swarajya Party, and the impact of magazines like Freedom First. the Liberal Monthly,  founded by the late Minoo Masani and edited by SC Raju for three decades. 

Vivek Raju, an advertising and a marketing specialist, shared  his experience with his late father, Mr. SV Raju, and enthralled the audience with interesting anecdotes from his interactions with his father.

This is the second event in the Takshashila’s Liberal Nationalists series. The first event was held in April 2015 on Gokhale and Liberal Nationalism.