Kaveri Dynamic Water Management & Livelihood Protection System

Download the slides as PDF [455 KB]

The sharing of waters between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu of the Kaveri river has been the source of a serious political conflict between the states.

The current river water management system system relies on court-administered water quotas, which is broken and dysfunctional. These slides propose to replace it with a system where states get a basic water entitlement and have to pay a Kaveri River Fund for more, and receive payouts from the Fund during drought years. It can change the issue from an emotional-political one to an ordinary-economic one, as well as give the first incentives for water conservation in the basin at the state-level.

The following set of slides propose a new “smart” river water management system that can allocate water to states in a dynamic, equitable and efficient manner.

Kaveri Water Management_Nidhi Gupta

Kannada version

Kaveri-DynamicManagement - Kannada

Tamil Version

Kaveri-Dynamic Management-Tamil

Download the slides as PDF [455 KB]