Kashmir’s politics of irrelevance

Hurriyat is not Kashmir’s voice. It is Pakistan’s voice in Kashmir. And that is precisely the source of its legitimacy. With Pakistan’s backing, Hurriyat leaders have been provided a platform by organisations like the OIC. Kashmir Centre run by ISI agent Ghulam Nabi Fai in Washington DC, and other such fronts in Europe have also done their bit to internationally build the Hurriyat as a political voice from Kashmir.

No less guilty are the Indian journalists and commentators who have been taken in by this Pakistani propaganda. This resulted in India’s then home minister, LK Advani holding two rounds of talks with the Mirwaiz faction of the Hurriyat in 2004. The UPA government also held back-channel talks with the Hurriyat, especially in the wake of Musharraf’s four-point plan on Kashmir, but the events in Pakistan overtook such plans.