Karthik Shashidhar quoted in a piece on voter lists.

Karthik Shashidhar quoted in Mint on a piece on Delhi voter lists and the redundant names that the list encompasses.

22% of names in Delhi’s voter list need deletions

“But, according to experts, the debate goes beyond it, as they say that demand for deletions simply on the basis of a voter being shifted is not fair. “It is the same as their survey in the previous elections in Delhi and there are not really any surprising findings. It is a fact that when people move, it is cumbersome to get registered to a new place and instead go back to the locality of their old home and vote. It is not like these people are disenfranchised and as long as they are not registered in two places, it does not call for deletion,” said Karthik Shashidhar, a Bengaluru-based resident quant at not-for-profit Takshashila Institution and also a columnist for Mint.

“The numbers are correct and the survey seems fine but in a place like Delhi, it is known that it faces a lot of movement and migration and so the numbers under the ‘shifted’ category are bound to be high,” he added.”