Internet Governance

At Takshashila, we believe that the progress in technology is going to be a key driving factor for India’s growth.

In the Information Age, policies at the intersection of society and technology should be inclusive and grounded in individual liberties. Through our work and submissions to policy consultations, we strive towards advocating a regulatory landscape that is transparent, accountable, and market-based.

We believe that even as technologies evolve and change over time, the economic principles underlying their interaction with society-at-large are established. These principles should be studied and harnessed for the well being and prosperity of all Indians.

Data Governance

A robust data protection framework is necessary for India to enable her aspirations for a digital economy. We believe that there is an urgent need to strike a balance between security and privacy. To that end, the data protection law needs to hold the private sector and the state to similar standards. Especially when it comes to responsibility for critical, personal, and sensitive data, with narrow exceptions for national security supplemented by adequate safeguards and due process.

Intermediary Rules

Content Moderation is an important part of what intermediaries on the internet do. However, not all intermediaries are created equal. The discretion afforded to and responsibility of intermediaries varies significantly. A platform may have more power over speech as compared to a cyber cafe and in some cases can also serve as de facto channels for public discourse and regulators of internet speech. We recommend that the state’s approach to intermediary regulation reflect this reality.

Future of the Internet:

A borderless internet and the free flow of information has posed many questions to the default Westphalian order. As states seek to establish control over the internet within their sovereign boundaries, the outcome could be a splintered internet. Just as it is in India’s interest to push for free-trade, it should also advocate for a free, open internet and play an active role in shaping international norms.