India needs Reforms 2.0 to save both bureaucracy and good IAS officers like H.C. Gupta

How is it that despite widespread corruption, inefficiency and incompetence across governments, India remains a country where, by and large, people are relatively safe, secure and prospering?

Because, the outcome of the actions of the good people in government still outweighs the actions of the bad ones — even if the number of good people is comparatively small. Conversely, if a government department, industry sector or state is dysfunctional, it is because it either has too few good people, or that it’s ‘system’ is tuned to unduly amplify the actions of bad people.

On the balance, in my subjective opinion, India’s ‘system’ is still tuned to amplify the good. However, our society, which has been in a state of moral panic for the past decade, is turning the knob dangerously backwards.

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