Inaugural Gomtibai Govindji Prize Awarded

Nivedita Kashyap, GCPP class topper (2012 Term 2) becomes the first recipient of the Gomtibai Govindji Prize

(April 4th, 2013) The Takshashila Institution awarded the Gomtibai Govindji Prize for distinction in the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) Programme to Nivedita Kashyap, policy researcher at Public Affairs Centre (PAC) Bangalore.

The Gomtibai Govindji Prize has been instituted by her family to recognise the overall best performing student in Takshashila’s GCPP programme. The prize comprises of a cash award and a citation.

Ms Kashyap has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and has previously worked in the IT sector, including a year in Lima, Peru. She also holds a diploma in Spanish as a foreign language awarded by the Government of Spain.

“The GCPP came at the right time for me as I transitioned from a career in technology to policy research” Ms Kashyap said. “It allowed me to complement the lessons from my fieldwork at PAC with theories and intricacies of the policy making process in the Indian context. The GCPP is very open and flexible and designed to fit into the schedule of a full time professional. The best part of course is that besides all that I learnt I also became part of a network consisting of smart individuals who are passionate about India’s development.”

Ms Kashyap is heading to the United States in August this year to start a Masters in International Relations, where she intends to concentrate in Latin American Studies and business diplomacy.


For more information, please contact Ms Priyadarshini Ravichandran, Programme Manager (GCPP) at +91 77603 14123 or through this contact form.

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