How many more Azad Maidans?

Many believe that the police’s inability to disperse crowds in a professional manner is because of unavailability of non-lethal equipment. This is not true. The study report lists the non-lethal equipment that can be used by the police for crowd control. But it highlights the limitations of the current set of non-lethal equipment. A water-canon has a range of 50 yards and its 8,000 litre tank lasts only for eight minutes. Refilling it on the spot is impractical. Tear gas shells have metal casing and can lead to a fatal injury. The protests in Srinagar actually started after a school-boy died on being directly hit by tear gas shell. Effectiveness of tear gas is limited in open areas and experienced rioters are able to smother the shells with a gunny bag or by wearing wet clothes. Pepper launchers have all the disadvantages of tear gas shells with an even lower range of 30 yards. Laser dazzlers and net guns work only against individuals while Long Range Acoustic Devices have failed to pr