Hand Me the Paper #1

As a tech policy analyst, I do a fair bit of reading. I read 52 books last year and am doing it again this year. Starting this year, I also plan on reading more academic papers around tech and policy. Recording my readings and (sometimes, observations + annotated copies on this newsletter). Please do recommend papers and share your insights!

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What I Read This Week:

The Chipmakers: U.S. Strengths and Priorities for the High-End Semiconductor Workforce [Link].

Here is a link to the document with my comments in the margins. [Link]

What You Should Know:

  1. The semiconductor industry is highly concentrated when it comes to human capital.
  2. For the US, a big player in the space, immigration and the higher-ed system is a superpower. People from India and China, in that order, are most likely to go work in the US semiconductor space.
  3. Foreign talent is an important part of the supply chain, and immigration policy in the US will need to keep up with that. Otherwise, it may risk losing that talent to tech clusters elsewhere.

Data Sufficiency and Shiny Graphs (from the source):