Gomtibai Govindji Prize Bestowed on Krishna Panyam and Ajay Patri

Krishna Panyam and Ajay Patri, students of the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP), were awarded the Gomtibai Govindji Prize for distinction in the study of public policy. Mr Panyam and Mr Patri were students of the 16th and 17th batches of the programme respectively.

The Gomtibai Govindji Prize has been instituted by her family to recognise the best performing student in the Takshashila GCPP. The prize comprises of a cash award and a citation.

Krishna Panyam is currently working at a startup designing autonomous cargo vehicle. He was a software engineer for 30 years. He has studied Mechnaical Engineering and Computer Science.

Being a part of the larger Takshashila family meant that I came to learn a lot of state budgets, got to publish my first newspaper article, and had an opportunity to learn more about China. In short, GCPP has helped me to graduate from being an armchair critic to a better informed armchair critic.

Ajay Patri is a Programme Associate at The Takshashila Institution, where he studies the interface of technology and policy with focus on frameworks for data protection and gene editing in India. He is a lawyer by qualification and a published fiction writer.

The GCPP is a unique course. Not only does it teach the oft-neglected subject of public policy through a well-crafted pedagogy, it also brings together a diverse and intelligent group of people who are committed to bringing about change in the country.

The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy is Takshashila’s flagship educational programme. The 12-week programme is networked and largely online, and meant for working professionals and full-time students from across the world. The programme is offered three times a year. Currently, the 19th consecutive batch of the course is underway.