GCPPprimetime 17 Geospatial Bill: Regulatory Outreach?

On the 17th GCPP primetime, Nikhil Pahwa, Arun Ganesh, Pranay Kotasthane and Pavan Srinath discuss the geospatial policy of India.

Nikhil Pahwa is the founder of Medianama.com. He was also one of the co-founders of the SaveTheInternet campaign for Net Neutrality in India.

Arun Ganesh, popularly known as Planemad is currently creating a free geodatabase of India using OpenStreetMap.

The discussion revolved around the following questions-

  1. How the Geospatial bill is hijacked by maps whereas it’s actually about data.
  2. The history and genesis of the draft Geospatial Information policy of India.
  3. Is life for independent and commercial mappers hard? Will the new policy put further barriers to innovation in the age of location-based services?
  4. Why is India so sensitive about its borders?
  5. The role of maps in education and how it impacts development.

The full discussion is available on Youtube.