GCPPprimetime 15 on Unpacking India’s water crisis

On the 15th GCPPprimetime, Pavan Srinath and Pranay Kotasthane discuss India’s water crisis.

The discussion revolved around the following questions:

  1.  Does India have a water crisis? Is this summer’s drought worse than ever before?
  2. What about the water crisis in Vidarbha? What is happening, and what should the Maharashtra government do?
  3. We keep hearing about water problems in a city like Bangalore. Are our cities also in trouble?

The full discussion is available online on Soundcloud.

The #GCPPprimetime is a weekly online discussion on public affairs and policy hosted by the Takshashila Institution. The GCPP or the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy is Takshashila’s flagship educational programme, equipping working professionals with the basics of public policy.

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