#GCPPprimetime11 on India’s Budgets and how they work

In the 11th GCPPprimetime, M.R Madhavan and Pavan Srinath discussed India’s budget and the various constitutional provisions for the budget process.

M.R Madhavan is the President and Co-founder of PRS Legislative Research, a public policy research institution.Pavan Srinath is a fellow and faculty member at the Takshashila Institution.

The discussion revolved around the following questions:

  1. How does Government of India’s annual budget cycle work
  2. What should we look out for, between now and May?
  3. What are the constitutional provisions for the Government of India’s budget process? 
  4. If I want to start investigating budget numbers in my area of interest, where do I get the best available data from?

Full discussion is available on Takshashila’s SoundCloud channel.

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The #GCPPprimetime is a weekly online discussion on public affairs and policy hosted by the Takshashila Institution.The GCPP or the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy is Takshashila’s flagship educational programme,equipping working professionals with the basics of public policy.

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