Making an impactful Shala speech

Here’s some information that’ll help you make an impactful speech at the Takshashila Shala


– There will be three parallel sessions taking place simultaneously. Each of the sessions will have 30-minute speaking slots. A gong will sound both at the beginning and the end of each slot.

– You can speak for a maximum of 15 minutes. The session moderator will not signal this. The remaining time will be for interaction with the audience. At the sound of the concluding gong, the speaking slot will come to an immediate end.

– There will be no chairperson or moderator presiding over the session. Please introduce yourself briefly before you start your speech.

– You will take questions/comments directly from the floor. You can use your own discretion on which questions to take and whether or not to respond to them.

– Sessions will be webcast live, and are likely to be tweeted live by more than one member of the audience.

– No presentation slides please.

How you can make your Shala speech more interesting & impactful

1. Rehearse your speech. Even if you are an experienced speaker.

2. Tell it like a story.

3. Take some time to explain the “Why”

4. Engage and connect with the audience, don’t give a ‘lecture’.

5. Do not read your speech. Try not to carry many large sheets of paper.

6. Keep it light. Some humour (or a lot of it) is good.

7. Be punctual. Do not exceed your time.

8. Do not be unsettled or disappointed if people walk out/walk in during your speech. There are many interesting speakers at the Shala and your audience might be interested in listening to others scheduled to speak at the same time.

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