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Rahul Bhatia on why the new IT rules damage our freedom

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ShalaIndia’s National Interest: Towards Shared Visions

Join us to be part of a community of informed and influential individuals transforming India for the better.

Why? At the Takshashila Institution, we want to create a shared understanding of India’s national interests that can serve as the intellectual bases for public policy. Our events bring high-quality, cutting-edge discussions on strategic affairs, national security and governance to cities and towns across India, creating a platform for dynamic individuals to connect with each other and to the wider policy-making circles.

The Programme: The Takshashila Shala has an innovative, informal format that blends scheduled presentations with spontaneous, even ex tempore talks from participants. Takshashila Fellows will be present to share their research and insights. Throughout the day there will be three parallel tracks on:

1. Foreign affairs, national security and strategy

2. Economics and public policy

3. Politics, citizenship and governance

After the discussions, participants will brainstorm, develop and commit to their own personal action plans on how they will engage in public affairs in the year ahead.