The Makers of Modern Asia: A discussion with Dr Ramachandra Guha, Ambassador Nirupama Rao and Nitin Pai

Jan 1 1970@12:00 am
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Jan 1 1970
12:00 am
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The Takshashila Institution and the Bangalore International Centre will co-host a discussion between Dr Ramachandra Guha, Ambassador Nirupama Rao and Nitin Pai on the new book? The Makers of Modern Asia? edited by Dr Guha.
Hardly more than a decade old, the twenty-first century has already been dubbed the Asian Century in recognition of China and India???s increasing importance in world affairs. Yet discussions of Asia seem fixated on economic indicators. The? Makers of Modern Asia? reorients our understanding of contemporary Asia by highlighting the political leaders, not billionaire businessmen, who helped launch the Asian Century.

The nationalists who crafted modern Asia were as much thinkers as activists, men and women who theorised and organised anticolonial movements, strategised and directed military campaigns, and designed and implemented political systems. The eleven thinker-politicians whose portraits are presented here were a mix of communists, capitalists, liberals, authoritarians, and proto-theocrats??”a group as diverse as the countries they represent.

The event is open to all and those interested can RSVP on Facebook here.