Public Policy Engineering Workshop at IIT-KGP fest Kshitij 2015

Jan 31 2015@12:00 am
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Jan 31 2015
12:00 am
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Takshashila is hosting a? workshop on Public Policy Engineering for participants? of the IIT Kharagpur techno-managerial fest Kshitij on January 31, 2015.

India and Indians have entered the 21st century but Indian governance is still behind in the 20th and 19th centuries in its sophistication. Talented people are needed to bridge this governance gap and solve India???s grand public challenges.

Public Policy Engineering is about applying economic reasoning to solve the problems of India and Indians. This workshop gives participants? a preview of how to engineer good public policies.

Attend this interactive, problem-solving workshop to find out:

– What are the 8 things that all governments do? (Yes, they do only 8 things!)
– Can you revolutionise India? (What does the Indian Constitution try to do?)
– How do you push good policies through? (Is it an idea whose time has come?)
– Where does the problem lie? (Has the government failed us? Or the market? Or something else?)
– Are dharnas and hunger strikes the only way to effect changes? Is voting enough? (Are there other ways?)

The workshop will take place in the afternoon, starting with a talk open to all participants. After the talk, interested students will be asked to write a 20 minute test and the top 40-50 students will be selected for the three hour workshop. Register for the workshop here.

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