Book Launch | Gandhi: The Soul Force Warrior by Ambassador Pascal Alan Nazareth

Mar 29 2019@6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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Takshashila Institution
2nd Floor, Cobalt Building, Church Street
Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 India
  • This is a past event.

Ambassador Pascal Alan Nazareth’s book ‘Gandhi: The Soul Force Warrior’ was launched by Margaret Alva, former Governor of Rajasthan and Uttarakhand; Teresa Bhattacharya, former Chief Secretary of Karnataka; Ambassador Latha Reddy, former deputy National Security Advisor and ambassador to Portugal and Neena Gopal, resident editor of Deccan Chronicle.

Here’s Amb Nazareth’s opening statement from the book launch:

“Gandhi had an essential message of truth, non-violence and communal harmony, where we were all children of God. That led me to write this book. People knew about Gandhi’s impact on India, but not about his impact on the world. As a foreign service officer, that’s what I encountered. And that’s what drove me to write this book.

I found in many places, Gandhi is presented as a prophet of non-violence; but Gandhi is the prophet of truth. “Gandhi was not really a pacifist; he was a militant. He has created something called a war without violence.”

He created a new revolution, without arms but with love. What an amazing revolution. With that he created the largest people power revolution, plucked the brightest jewel off the British crown.

He had always said a nonviolent struggle is not a seizure of power, but an effort to change about a change in relationship.

Wars over the last 100 years have killed 90 million people; in all non-violent struggles, people have died, but the fatalities in this don’t even add up to 50,000. That is the significance of soul force weapon.”