Cracked screen, broken dreams

Introducing Rohit Varak, who at 16 is so mature for his age. He wants to be an electrical contractor, after getting an ITI training. His family lives in a remote village in northwest Goa. Rohit is acutely aware of his father’s struggle to secure a government job. Bhago has been trying for several years, even knocking on the door of their MLA. Bhago has had an elbow injury and suffers from severe back pain. He has tried in vain to get a job as a driver with the government. That MLA only gives jobs to his cronies and their relatives.

“So many houses have four or five government servants, but we can’t even get one job.” Rohit has told his baba, not to beg anyone for a job. He would be an ITI technician, and he would take care of the family with great dignity. He is inspired by his cousin, who is a driver in the army. His older sister Riya too has a dream of becoming a nurse. She is enrolled at a nursing college in Hubli. Riya’s birthday was just last week.

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