In Conversation with Sanjaya Baru

The Takshashila Institution hosted Sanjaya Baru on 8 January 2017, for a talk at Café Coffee Day Square, Bengaluru.

Sanjaya spoke extensively about the motivation to bring forth the 1991 economic reforms in India. He also explained the landscape of political economy during his career. The conversations ranged from the 1991 reforms to the past and current governments in New Delhi and how the political spectrum functioned during his time. The talk was followed by an extensive Q&A with the participants.

Sanjaya Baru is a policy analyst and the Director for Geo-Economics and Strategy at the International Institute of Strategic Studies. He served as the media advisor and chief spokesperson for the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from May 2004 until August 2008. Sanjaya is also the author of “1991: How P. V. Narasimha Rao Made History” (Aleph, 2016) and “The Accidental Prime Minister” (Penguin, 2014).