Chinese Tech Giants and India

The Chinese technology sector has been rapidly modernising, with the country rising to become the 14th most innovative economy in the world. Chinese companies are also fast expanding their global footprint across domains like telecommunications, robotics, artificial intelligence and e-commerce. Yet, even as China exports its technological products to the rest of the world, it remains insular domestically. Moreover, China’s increasing innovation capabilities are enabling Beijing’s push to shape emerging governance norms around new technologies.

All of this has a direct impact on Indian national interests. We, therefore, believe that India must pursue conditional collaboration with Chinese entities with the aim of nurturing the domestic innovation ecosystem. This approach entails:

  • supporting indigenous development by nurturing a thriving research and innovation ecosystem;
  • being open to foreign capital, talent, and expertise, including Chinese;
  • establishing a whitelist that sets standards and recognises trusted partners in critical domains like telecommunications, data security, and cybersecurity;
  • enacting policies in emerging areas of technology governance, such as AI, which reflect Indian interests and values;
  • and expanding existing dialogue with China regarding new areas of technology governance