China Military Power Projection: Testimonies; Trump’s India visit and the Chinese Newspapers; Growth of PLARF; Cobra Gold Military Exercises, and more

I. The Big Story: China’s Military Power Projection: Testimonies

The US-China Economic and Security Commission (USCERSC) conducted a hearing on China’s military power projection. The hearing examines China’s abilities and growing capabilities beyond its shores. President Xi Jinping in December 2015 initiated China’s military reforms to transform the PLA into a world-class army. Four years since then, USCERSC aims to understand the implications of the reforms and its impact on the US and the world.

There were three panels presenting their research findings on the PLA. Panel I presented on the rationales of China’s power projection.

Panellist 1: Admiral Dennis Blair, Distinguished Senior Fellow (Non-Resident), Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA.

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