Book Launch: Mission Overseas – Daring Operations by the Indian Military

Takshashila conducted the book launch of Mission Overseas – Daring Operations by the Indian Military by Sushant Singh at Rangasthala, MG Road, Bengaluru.

Sushant Singh is an Associate Editor at the Indian Express. Having served for two decades with the Indian army, Sushant has performed multiple stints in Jammu and Kashmir and has served as a military observer with the United Nations.

About the book:

As India becomes a regional and global superpower, its armed forces will be expected to conduct more missions inside foreign countries, like they have in the past. Using never-before-seen secret military reports and eyewitness testimonies of the men on the ground, former army man and journalist Sushant Singh reconstructs three forgotten Indian operations overseas: In the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Sierra Leone. These action-packed true stories shed light not just on a previously untold slice of Indian history but also the exceptional bravery of Indian soldiers fighting against all odds.

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