Book: Distance from Delhi—Essays on Geopolitics, Economics and Public Policy

Distance from Delhi Cover1-001Distance from Delhi: Essays on Geopolitics, Economics and Public Policy
by Anupam Manur, Devika Kher, Karthik Shashidhar, Madhav Chandavarkar, Pavan Srinath, Pranay Kotasthane, Priya Ravichandran, Sarah Farooqui, Rohan Joshi, Varun Ramachandra and Saurabh Chandra

Edited by Sarah Farooqui

Takshashila Institution Press 2015
ISBN: 978-8193197646
Rs. 295

About the book:
India is not New Delhi and New Delhi is not India, though sometimes this gets forgotten. Distance from Delhi is a collection of essays and articles that reflect on India’s national interest – on economic reforms, international relations, public policy, national security and social transformation. The authors of this book are pioneers at the Takshashila Institution and have helped make it an innovative institution that brings together insights from various disciplines to the pubilc policy discourse in India. Takshashila engages in policy research, education and public persuasion to strengthen the intellectual foundations of an India with global interests. Removed from Delhi’s corridors of power and circles of influence, this book compiles fresh thinking and bold perspectives on India and its dynamic relationship with the world.

“An extraordinary tour de horizon of the important political, economic and social challenges facing India. These interventions are impressive: they are genuinely illuminating and have an unusual freshness to them.”
– Pratap Bhanu Mehta

“This exciting volume of brief but cogent essays mostly from younger, newer voices is to be welcomed warmly. We are all too familiar with the views of pundits and scholars we read regularly. This collection offers a corrective shot of adrenaline”
– David M Malone

“This book represents a wonderful compilation of thinking from important new set of people from an important institution. All the pieces taken together represent the delightful synthesis of policy making and issues that 21st century India needs”
– Manish Sabharwal

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The book was launched at the Goa Literature & Arts Festival 2015.