Beyond uranium sales

India currently has 19 existing nuclear power plants which supply 2.4 per cent of power (4,680 MW) produced in India. India plans to add nearly 30 new reactors over the next two decades, seven of which are being constructed. The goal is to have 25 per cent of power (63,000 MW) from nuclear plants by 2032. Of the 19 operating reactors, only nine run on domestic uranium. The rest are dependent on France, Russia and Kazakhstan, three countries supplying uranium to India since 2008.

In the last parliamentary session, Indian government announced its plans to acquire uranium mines overseas to ensure a continuous supply of the fuel to nuclear plants. The reasons are obvious. Unconfirmed estimates suggest that India currently produces about one-third of its reactor requirements of uranium. Moreover, its uranium deposits are believed to be of very low grade. Currently, only half a dozen operational mines are working on these deposits across the country.