Shambhavi Naik


All Things Policy: The Strange World of Serina

 Imagine a world of endless meadow and hills, lit by the glow of a nearby gas giant. Here, over hundreds of millions of years, birds evolve into a dizzying array of strange shapes and forms reminiscent of the grandeur...

STIP2020: A wish-list, not a policy

This article first appeared in IndiaTogether The COVID-19 experience has brought attention to the importance of science, technology and innovation. Researchers facilitated the rapid understanding of a new virus. Technology underpinned efforts for curbing the spread of the disease. Entrepreneurship...

All Things Policy: Can India Meet Its COVID-19 Vaccination Target?

 Will India be able to cover its target population for COVID-19 vaccination? What issues is India facing during vaccination? Which vaccines are being approved? Sunila Dixit and Shambhavi Naik discuss these questions and more.

All Things Policy: Will the DNA Bill do More Harm than Good?

The DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill has been listed for consideration in the Budget session. Shambhavi Naik and Sunila Dixit discuss the bill’s benefits and risks in light of the recently tabled Parliamentary Standing Committee’s report.

My wish list of health and life science policies for 2021

The year 2020 has emphasised the need to pay attention to health and life sciences in India. There is an urgent requirement to increase public funding and facilitate private sector funding in both fundamental and translational research. However, along with...

All Things Policy: How to Foster Science and Tech in India

 The Draft 5th Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2020 outlines a grand vision for Indian science over the coming years. But is it a feasible one? Aditya Ramanathan and Shambhavi Naik discuss the ideas proposed in this policy, and...

All Things Policy: Behind the Scenes at All Things Policy

On 27 January, All Things Policy, the world’s only daily public policy podcast, marked 500 episodes. Manoj Kewalramani talks to Aditya Ramanathan and Anirudh Kanisetti about the surprising origins of the podcast, its evolution over the last two years, and...

All Things Policy: The Vaccine Update: India’s Rollout and Beyond

 As India launches the first phase of its COVID-19 vaccination programme, Shambhavi Naik talks to Rohan Seth about domestic and international developments, India’s vaccine diplomacy, and the crucial question of efficacy.

Will Indian Scientific Temper Survive 2021?

(This article was first published in The Wire) 2020 was a disaster year for almost everyone – but it was a unique opportunity for Indian science. An oft-neglected enterprise, it received unprecedented attention as scientists tried to innovate in the...

All Things Policy: Can you Speed up Vaccine Approval?

 India’s approval of two COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use has received mixed responses. Shambhavi Naik, Anirudh Kanisetti and Sunila Dixit discuss the approval process, the possible consequences of speeding things up and the potential impact on public confidence.
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