Saurabh Modi


All Things Policy: The Curious Case of Markets, Masks and Hand Sanitisers

 The availability and quality of face masks and hand sanitisers have improved many times over since the pandemic began. How did this happen? Sarthak Pradhan joins Saurabh Modi to discuss how markets solved the problem of scarcity with urgency...

All Things Policy: Is Corporate Ownership of Banks a Good Idea?

 An internal working group set up by RBI recommended allowing corporate houses to own and operate banks. Sarthak Pradhan joins Saurabh Modi to discuss the reasoning behind the move and the new challenges it could create.

Jobs and Cities are Correlated

There are many ideas that economists agree upon. One such agreement is about the importance of foreign trade in helping economic growth. Another point of agreement is that cities are engines of growth and job creation.  The fuel that powers...