Nidhi Gupta


Get Criminals Out Of Politics

To break the nexus of crime and politics in India, we should not wait until the conviction of accused candidates. Once criminal charges are framed against candidates, they should be debarred from contesting elections.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

This article is a book review of the fascinating book Who Gets What and Why, by Nobel laureate Alvin Roth. Roth studies the design of matching markets and identifies the four pillars for an efficient design using examples of markets...

Where is the Nudge Unit?

The Indian government had promised to set up a Nudge Unit and use the insights of behavioural economics to shape public policy. The 2018 Union budget revealed no signs of it.

On Sale: Your Vote

Our data, taken without our consent, can be used for informational warfare that harms our democracy. The actions of social media and analytics companies are a clear threat to voters’ rights to make free and fair choices.

Kaveri Dynamic Water Management & Livelihood Protection System

Download the slides as PDF [455 KB] The sharing of waters between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu of the Kaveri river has been the source of a serious political conflict between the states. The current river water management system system relies...

Democracy in Echo Chambers

This article is a book review of Cass Sunstein’s book #Republic: Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media. Sunstein argues that the perfect filtering that platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide is a serious challenge to democratic deliberation and...

An Unholy Nexus

This is a review of the book When Crime Pays by Milan Vaishnav. Using the framework of an electoral marketplace, Vaishnav studies the nexus of politics, money, and muscle.

Judgements that changed India #3 The Bedrooms of the Nation

What role does the state have in the bedrooms of the nation? In this episode of Judgements that changed India, Madhav Chandarvarkar, Manasa Venkataraman and Nidhi Gupta discuss Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Judgements that Changed India is...

What’s Wrong with the Surrogacy Bill

While the introduction of draft Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016, is a welcome step towards plugging the existing regulatory vacuum in the commissioning of surrogacy in India, the provisions spelt out under the draft bill reek of regulatory overreach and a...
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