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Red Alert: 50 years and counting

Fifty years on, there is room for hope that with the right focus, Maoism will one day be found only in history books

The evolving state of Indian states

Revenue expenditure of states has risen sharply with greater financial devolution and increased expenditure, a gap which will further increase with GST

An evolving multilateral order

While there is an evolving new China-dominated multilateralism, confidence in existing American-fashioned multilateral institutions has been waning

Taking on sacred cows

The BJP govt has abolished some long-standing sacred cows (previously unassailable ideas) in the business firmament

Celebrating competition

A culture of free and fair competition is a remarkable thing. It encourages candidates without privilege but who are capable to join the fight and aspire to win

The evolving story of economics

More lawyers, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and Big Data scientists may have to enter the field of economics if it is to return to a social studies arena

Escaping the middle-income trap 

Nations are often ‘trapped’ in the middle-income category because of excessive dependence on a resource economy or inadequate innovation, reform, competitiveness

The games people play

While AWBI and Peta believe that Jallikutta should be banned on account of alleged cruelty to bulls, others say it is a tradition that should survive for a variety of reasons

Once again politics matters

2017 will be about understanding impact of a massive political trend on individual countries and cross-country phenomena like trade, globalization and migration

Economic priorities in a protectionist world

India needs to focus more on itself and use the opportunity to restructure and reform even as the world regards India as a (relative) beacon of hope
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