Daily News & Analysis: Columns by Mukul G Asher


Gujarat budget exhibits a sound development strategy

In 2009-10, the share of all states combined in India’s total government expenditure and revenue was 53% and 64%, respectively.

Developing muni bonds market imperative for our urban future

The need for vastly increased levels of investment in urban infrastructure and amenities require urgent attention of the policymakers.

Establishing IAPD is consistent with geo-economic initiatives

India’s economic and strategic interests have increasingly become global.

CAG deserves a more prominent role in public financial management

Various reports CAG of India have played an important role in the ongoing debates on weak governance and corruption in the country.

Why the Microfinance Bill is a good move

The new draft microfinance Bill, on the finance ministry's website, has a number of positive features which augur well for a geographically more balanced and healthier development of the sector.

EPFO needs restructuring, not changes

The EPFO (Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation), established in 1952, with the responsibilities for provident fund and pension services, is reportedly considering amendments to its Act.

Promote urban agriculture for food security

As Indian households strive to maintain food consumption in the face of high inflation, increasing demand and relatively slower rise in supply, promoting urban agriculture in a scientific manner could contribute to food security.

Better planning for longevity risk is essential

The United Nations projects for India that life expectancy at birth will increase to 66.5 for the 2015-2020 period against 63.5 in 2005-10 and female life expectancy is estimated to be higher than those of males by 3.3 years during...

RBI’s microfinance directive: Should the onus be on bankers and chartered accountants?

The RBI directive implies high transaction costs and discriminates against small and medium MFIs. A more rigorous and comprehensive approach to regulating the microfinance sector is needed.

Redefining the socio-economic function of public sector entities

There is a broad consensus across the country that India needs to address the governance deficit if it is to maintain social cohesion, improve the quality of life of its 1.21 billion people and sustain its rise as a major...
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