Bare Talk | V. Anantha Nageswaran


In China, the party is on

China has taken care not to emulate the West in many aspects, but it is dangerously close to it in its display of hubris

China’s quest for balance

China still faces some big battles in its quest for a better balance between external and domestic orientation

Animal spirits and stimulus

The debate on the importance of maintaining fiscal spending over opting for fiscal austerity in the West is missing the point

No decoupling from hubris

Much of the moral hazard of the last two decades has come back, whether policymakers intended so or not

Only gold glitters

We have lowered our pain threshold in a world of quick gratification and policymakers are afraid to administer pain

Time of reckoning for RBI

If higher interest rates trigger more short-term flows, RBI should not hesitate to use capital control measures

The anglo-saxon twilight zone

The developed world would continue to cling on to the vestiges of its international dominance

Decoupling is a reality

Both India and China should be raising rates this year to glide their economies into a sustainable growth path

Ebb and flow of the dollar

For now, monetary policy fears and fiscal restraint will ensure that the dollar remains stable at least

Clueless, as ever

It appears that professionals and policymakers are set to repeat the behaviour of the recent past that caused the crisis
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