Bare Talk | V. Anantha Nageswaran


Save your tears for India

Collapse in governance and probity in public life and the failure to implement economic reforms are far more destabilizing than the collapse of Pakistan

The demographic goose

Without reforms in many areas, the demographic dividend will be all about domestic demand and not domestic capabilities

China’s policy tangle

China’s micro management of its economy is not just a technocratic challenge, it’s an existential one for the Communist Party

Views from the planet

In the case of India, it is clear that no one is in charge. Perhaps, some would argue that that is no bad thing in India

Stagflation in asia?

Export and/or production data out of the continent have begun to signal a cyclical slowdown, if not anything more serious

The crimes of policymakers

Why is it not possible to accept that a more solid foundation than elevated asset prices is required for sustainable growth?

A dollar question mark

The pressing question for investors is whether the true bottom of the dollar is in the immediate or in the medium-term future

The farcical tragicomedy

The return to high correlation in risky assets just two years after the crisis is an indictment of market rationality

Risks to Asian growth

Asia wants the world to take note of its economic strength, but, feeling unsure of it, doesn’t want to risk prudent policy decisions

Financial market ailments

The US does not seem to have any stomach for hard decisions as Raghuram Rajan has been saying in his recent comments
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