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The EU non-event

The ability of European financial mechanisms to directly fund distressed banks was a game-changer if it came with no riders

Singapore dollar—more strength

In a world of 0% interest rates, if Singapore were to raise rates, it would attract more capital into the island-state rather than less

Towards ‘briclipse’

It was with a shock that I discovered that the US stock market has done better than the universe of emerging market stocks, Asian stocks (excluding Japan), India, China, Brazil and Russia or BRIC independently as well, since the beginning...

Uncertainty is a public good

We may never become courageous enough to remain in uncertainty, but we can learn to appreciate its usefulness in shielding us from mistakes

Dilemmas down under

RBA conspicuously avoids any discussion of risks to China’s growth. That seems like a rather strange omission

Diabolically myopic

The damage that has been done to the integrity of capital markets globally since the beginning of the new millennium is immense

Mindboggling nonsense

The actions of the Federal Reserve are irresponsible and, hence, indefensible. Their costs outweigh local and global gains, if any

Sanity is unaffordable

The genuine measure of a housing market’s performance is the extent to which it remains affordable in an economy

Stagflation risks again

Even in good years, politicians in democracies are incapable of delivering bad news to people and this is a year of elections

Legislating immorality

India’s problem is that its growth from 2002 to 2007 was founded partly on unsustainable demand growth
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