Author - Nitin Pai | Business Standard


‘Axis of evil’ now a pivot of peace?

The implications of the interim deal between Iran and the world's big powers go far beyond the nuclear programme

The Saudis, the Iranians and us

Further deterioration of the US-Saudi relationship will have geo-economic and geopolitical effects

Leave the Net in US hands

The US Constitution, political system, civil society and media are better guardians of online free speech and privacy than some UN outfit

Three-point alert for J&K

The partisan political din in New Delhi and concerns about the economy elsewhere in the country should not divert our attention from the emergent situation in Jammu and Kashmir. All three legs of the tripod that helped the abatement of...

China’s war on rumour

The microblogging service Weibo has proliferated to such an extent that it is straining China's vast censorship infrastructure
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