Anupam Manur


All Things Policy: What’s Going to Happen in 2021?

2020 was one of the most turbulent years in recent history. What’s 2021 going to look like? Anupam Manur and Pranay Kotasthane speak to Anirudh Kanisetti about their big economic and geopolitical predictions for the next year. We’ll revisit this...

All Things Policy: Is the FTC Suit Against Facebook Fair?

The US Federal Trade Commission is suing Facebook for its acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram. Is Facebook monopolising the personal social networking marketplace? Anupam Manur and Rohan Seth weigh the evidence and debate whether the FTC action is fair.

All Things Policy: Guidelines for Cab Aggregators: The good, the bad, and the unnecessary

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has issued new Motor Vehicle Aggregators guidelines. These have some serious implications for companies like Uber and Ola. Rohan Seth talks to Anupam Manur about what the fine print really means for both...

All Things Policy: Dropping Out of RCEP: An Opportunity Lost for India

For a larger regional and global presence, India needs to be pro-active in joining free trade agreements. Dropping out of RCEP is an opportunity lost to push the Indian industry towards greater competitiveness. Anupam Manur and Manoj Kewalramani examine what...

All Things Policy: India’s Marathon: Shruti Rajagopalan on India’s Strength in Numbers

The Takshashila Institution has launched a new book, India’s Marathon: Reshaping the Post-Pandemic World Order, a collection of essays by public intellectuals about our changing world and what India needs to do to thrive. In this episode, economist Shruti Rajagopalan...

Flawed regulation can undermine the digital payment ecosystem

Anupam Manur writes in Hindustan Times on why the limits placed on Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transactions for third-party apps by NPCI is flawed. Systemic risks are automatically lower when consumers, merchants, and third-party app developers are all multi-homing, meaning they...

All Things Policy: Reforming the Power Sector OR Can we have less power cuts?

Reforms are long overdue in India’s power sector. Does the recent draft Electricity Amendment Bill offer viable solutions? Anupam Manur and Sarthak Pradhan discuss the challenges India’s power sector faces and analyze whether the draft bill provisions can address them.

All Things Policy: To Break or Not to Break: Discussing the US Congressional Report on Antitrust

The US Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law came out with a 449-page report on monopoly power in digital markets. How might recommendations from this report impact the functioning of Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook across different countries? Anupam...

All Things Policy: Revamping India’s Labour Laws

Labour laws in India are complex and rigid. In the last few months, several state governments have announced changes to these old rules. But are the steps in the right direction? Anupam Manur and Sarthak Pradhan discuss.
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