Anupam Manur quoted in Mint on Big Tech Regulation

Anupam Manur was quoted in a Mint report on how the US Congressional House Committee report on regulating Big Tech companies.

One of the solutions proposed by the report was to break up big tech companies. On this, he commented: “Breaking up is just a political message and it can never be done. The way these tech companies are integrated between services, if you break them, you’ll destroy them. (Google) Maps derives its value from what people search. These services are deeply integrated. Even the staff work across multiple services. This is as realistically going to happen as (President) Trump’s Mexican border wall.”

“If you are an advertiser on Facebook or a seller on Amazon, you are a consumer too because you are using their product. Vertical integration in itself is not wrong if there is platform neutrality and everyone (the owner of the platform as well as the third-party) is treated equally.”

“All said and done, these (Big Tech) companies have brought tremendous value to Indian consumers. We can fix the harm,” Manur added.

You can read the entire report here.