Anand Arni Participates in the Ottawa Dialogues in Bangkok

Anand Arni, Distinguished Fellow at the Takshashila Institution, attended the University of Ottawa’s India-Pakistan-Afghanistan Dialogue and India-Pakistan Intelligence Dialogue held in Bangkok in September 2016.

The India-Pakistan-Afghanistan Dialogue project looks at exploring new ways in which the relationship between the three countries affects the stability in Afghanistan and the surrounding region. Consisting of a core group of participants, the project facilitates meetings on issues such as cooperation in domains like economic and regional security.

The India-Pakistan Intelligence Dialogue assembles retired intelligence chiefs from India and Pakistan to develop strategies to reduce the destabilizing effect that intelligence institutions have in the two countries.

Both events form part of the Ottawa Dialogue – a suite of projects geared towards conditions of improved communication and stability between India and Pakistan. By facilitating the development of a powerful network of knowledgeable and influential individuals the dialogue seeks to foster mutual understanding and confidence between the two parties, generate new ideas and lead towards constructive policy-making in their respective governments.