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How far will Mr Abe go?

Japan's changing military posture presents opportunities for India

Why Sri Lanka’s need for China will continue

Colombo's enduring interests suggest the relationship between the two nations will only strengthen

Mr Modi’s follow-through risks

For India to make the most of Narendra Modi's ambition and energy, he must get New Delhi to keep up

The new Cuba?

A Chinese company with military links is building a canal across Nicaragua

China’s economic horoscope

Though growth in China is unlikely to slow down soon, India should prepare to take advantage of a shifting of gears there

Xi Jinping – $100 bn is coming!

The current moment presents the Modi government with an opportunity to take advantage, but very carefully, of Beijing's inclination to offer economic incentives

MH17 and the ‘non-state actor’ charade

Here's what happened: Russian proxy fighters in the Donetsk region of Ukraine shot down a Malaysia Airlines civilian aircraft - flight MH17, carrying 298 people - by mistake, using a Russian surface-to-air missile system. The rebels had been ...

Iraq and the outer ring of India’s security

To us in India, news that an Islamist militant group that even Al Qaeda considers too extremist has taken Mosul, Tikrit and other Iraqi cities in a lightning campaign appears worrying, but rather remote. Many would react by blaming the United States ...

Confronting a new world order

So intense, so compelling and so all-consuming was the build-up to the recently concluded general election that developments outside India received less-than-usual attention in our public sphere. Yet a lot has been afoot in the world over the last ...

Our foreign policy is 8% growth

The external environment will certainly affect India's internal quest to get back onto the path of high economic growth -- but much of the slack is in domestic policy
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