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The Takshashila Institution internship programme

The interns at the Takshashila Institution started work on their respective projects this week. The full-time programme, which provides individuals from diverse academic and professional backgrounds a first hand experience of working in public policy, is open for talented graduate and undergraduate students of any stream with a strong academic...

Takshashila’s Nitin Pai appears on NDTV’s Left, Right and Centre

Takshashila’s Director, Nitin Pai appears on NDTV’s Left, Right and Centre on the US PRISM surveillance programme and India’s response. Nitin argues that there are few options for India regarding the surveillance and that indignation will not help. Watch it here.

Takshashila’s Rohit Pradhan quoted in The Economist

Takshashila Fellow, Rohit Pradhan is quoted in The Economist. Cry Freedom “Middling earners are most afflicted by low-level corruption, such as bribes for obtaining driving licences, says Rohit Pradhan, a fellow at the Takshashila Institution, an Indian think-tank. They also have more time and money to protest than dollar-a-day labourers....

The Guardian quotes Takshashila’s Pavan Srinath

The Guardian quotes Takshashila’s policy research manager on whether the Uttarakhand disaster was man made.  Indians question how far flash-flooding disaster was manmade But most analysts believe restricting the number of pilgrims would be political suicide. “The desire to worship at Kedarnath is almost like an irresistible force,” said Pavan...

Takshashila’s Pavan Srinath appears on NDTV’s We The People

Takshashila’s policy research manager, Pavan Srinath makes an appearance as a panelist on NDTV’s “We the People” hosted by Barkha Dutt on the Uttarakhand floods, talking about the “eco-insensitive” nature of politics in India. Watch it here.

The National UAE quotes Takshashila’s Pavan Srinath

The National UAE quotes Takshashila’s policy research manager, Pavan Srinath on the death toll in the Indian monsoon disaster in Uttarakhand. India death toll rises to 600 as monsoon rains strand thousands more “Theoretically, if you mess around in mountain systems, you can increase chances of landslides or floods, yes,”...

Inaugural Gomtibai Govindji Prize Awarded

The Takshashila Institution awarded the Gomtibai Govindji Prize for distinction in the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) Programme to Nivedita Kashyap. The Gomtibai Govindji Prize has been instituted by her family to recognise the overall best performing student in Takshashila's programme. The prize comprises of a cash award and...

Regarding participants at Takshashila events and contributors to our publications

MEDIA STATEMENT Regarding participants at Takshashila events & contributors to our publications We have noticed several tweets over the past day insinuating a connection between the Takshashila Institution and Mr Nilim Dutta, a person who has reportedly been arrested by Assam Police in Dispur. We regard these insinuations preposterous: Mr...

Takshashila announces its first Scholars

Six talented individuals selected to conduct independent policy research in areas of national interest The Takshashila Institution has selected six talented individuals in its inaugural scholarship programme. The programme creates a platform for young people from diverse backgrounds to undertake quality research in public policy relevant to India’s national interest....

Takshashila responds to Justice Verma Committee’s call

Takshashila has submitted a memo to the Justice JS Verma Committee set up to recommend measures to tackle sexual assault against women today. The memo calls for the Union Government to conduct annual Indian Crime Surveys to enable informed policymaking. Absence of accurate data is a problem in law enforcement...
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