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Pragmatic | US withdrawal will hurt Pakistan army

Some consequences of US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan President Obama has announced the drawdown of US military surge from Afghanistan by the middle of next year. Nearly 33,000 US troops will withdraw from Afghanistan by September 2012, which means that 68,000 US troops will still remain in that country. With...

The Broad Mind | Nurturing India’s Maritime Military Resurgence

Commodore RPS Ravi, VSM (Retd) calls for a coherent strategy to protect India’s growing maritime interests. The British, when they ruled India, were circumspect in giving Indians any significant role in maritime matters. It is because, Britain being a maritime power, ruled over many parts of the world through the...

Acorn | Why we need a policy on overseas military deployments

Knee-jerkism is dangerous Manu Pubby reports on the details of the MV Suez-PNS Babur-INS Godavari business in the Indian Express. Pictures and videos of the encounter — which have been shared with Pakistan — show that Babur was deliberately tailing the Godavari so close that it brushed past the Indian...

Acorn | Burney points

Beyond the Pakistani initiatives in releasing MV Suez Other than the fact that six of its 22 sailors were Indian nationals, the MV Suez, an Egyptian-owned, Panamanian-flagged ship, was more about Pakistan. It was captained by a Pakistani national and was on a voyage from Karachi to the Eritrean port...

The Gold Standard | PIMCO has not lost its macro marbles

US monetary policy contributes to global commodity prices in two ways. Consider first expansionary monetary policy through interest rate cuts. This is likely to boost global demand for all goods and services, including commodities, because expansionary US monetary policy will boost US demand more than it lowers demand in the...

Acorn | The Asian Balance: General Liu can shut his eyelids now

Why does China need an aircraft carrier? This is the unedited draft of my column in the Business Standard today.   China’s new aircraft carrier should surprise only those who were not looking—it has been China’s largest open secret for several years now. It has been apparent, literally,—thanks to Google...

Pragmatic | On Nehru’s 47th death anniversary

Understand him better. K.P.S. Menon, who served as Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs under Nehru, wrote in his autobiography Many Worlds (Oxford; page 271): “A Foreign Office is essentially a custodian of precedents. We had no precedents to fall back upon, because India had no foreign policy of...

Varnam | Post-Rapture News

On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles made his famous War of the Worlds broadcast. Since it was presented as a series of news bulletins, listeners thought that an actual alien invasion was in progress. People panicked. According to Annie Jacobsen, author of the new book Area 51: An Uncensored History of...

Pragmatic | Nationalism is not an epithet

Why is Nationalism an anathema to some Indian commentators? After the Americans took out Osama bin Laden inside Pakistan in a stunning military raid, the mainstream Indian reaction has been one of vindication — telling the world “I told you so” about Pakistan. After all, having suffered for many decades...

Pragmatic | LeT is NOT a Kashmiri group

Countering Ignatius’ deceitful notions about the Lashkar-e-Taiba. In his latest Washington Post column, David Ignatius casually mentions that the Lashkar-e-Taiba(LeT) is “a Kashmiri group”. Like this blogger, many other readers would have noticed the absence of the word terror while mentioning the “group”. A learned columnist like Mr Ignatius is...
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