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Why e-cigarette ban in India will do more harm than good

In September 2019, the government announced a complete ban on e-cigarettes under the guise of preventing potential health risks to India’s youth. In what can now be termed as typical, this ruling was passed as an ordinance, without debate or deliberation in the parliament and mostly ignoring both evidence regarding...

India and Vietnam should improve their defence ties

India and Vietnam held their second maritime security dialogue recently. A press release by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) stated that both countries discussed developments in the domain of “maritime security, regional cooperation activities and opportunities for cooperation between the two countries.” Multiple such discussions have taken place between...

A top Army doctor transferred in middle of pandemic says a lot about India’s civil-military ties

In India’s military history, sacking a field commander during the course of a battle has been rare. Even if done, it is usually the judgement call of the top military leadership and not of a politician. That norm has now been shaken in a different type of war – by...

Has the world of work changed forever?

This article was first published in Deccan Herald. Views are personal. We are so far into this pandemic that I, along with most people around me, seem to have forgotten what the world looked like before the apocalypse. The Seth household (like a lot of other people) is pretty dependent...

Finnish intel review sheds light on relations with Russia

Finland is wary of a possible Russian clash with NATO in the Baltic region The Finnish Defense Forces (FDF) have come out with their first-ever Military Intelligence Review. It is a comprehensive document with due regard to the global security picture and legal caveats in the Finnish security apparatus. The presumable...

MisDisMal-Information 39 – Of Polarisation, propaganda, backfire and participatory disinformation

This is an excerpt from Edition 39 of MisDisMal-Information For the complete edition, go to: Of Polarisation, propaganda, backfire and participatory disinformation – MisDisMal-Information Newsletter ( Polarisation, propaganda, magic and backfire There’s a high probability that you’ve seen at least one of these 2 tables over the last few days. The first...

Modi’s only respite now is to adopt Kautilya’s doctrine. But first, own up your mistake

India is in the midst of a national health emergency of an unprecedented scale. Once again, it shines a spotlight on decision-making of the political leadership, and once again, the political elites could do well by taking a leaf out of Kautilya’s Arthashastra. The catastrophic scale of the Covid-19 second wave...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 98

China-India Brief; Chinese Rocket Debris and Ambitious Space Programme; Xi on National Security; Guns vs Butter; Xi Purges Military-Industrial Chiefs I. The Big Story: China-India Brief It’s been over a year since the start of the ongoing stand-off between China and India. The two sides have held 11 rounds of...

Can intermediary regulation fix the broken social media?

By – Kamesh Shekar The issues of hate speech, disinformation, misinformation and polarisation on one side, and arbitrary exercise of power on public discourse and information on the other side is what I coin as a broken social media problem. The urge to fix social media has been well recognised...

Dynamic Random Access Memory (D-RAM)- Examining the dynamics of an oligopolistic market

By- Ratika Gaur, Praveen Kumar, Sathya R, Nilanjan Das & Samparna Tripathy D-RAM is a memory chip that temporarily stores data when it is being processed. Today, everything from ICT to modern vehicles to energy grids and airplanes relies on access to DRAM chips. Over the past 15 years, the...
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