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The PLA Insight: Issue no 113

China-India Brief, Zhuhai Air Show, Taiwan and China, US Military and the PLA, PLA’s New Joint Doctrine, PLA AF Agile Combat Employment, PLA Promotions I. The Big Story: China-India Brief Seventeen months into the military confrontation, China continues to build more troops shelters as a part of its ongoing military consolidation and upgrade along...

India’s Path to Power: Strategy in a World Adrift

Download the document as PDF Note: The following document is authored by an independent panel of thinkers and policy practitioners, and does not represent the views of the The Takshashila Institution. India’s Path to Power: Strategy in a World Adrift is the product of collective deliberation, debate and report writing...

Taliban’s Afghanistan Takeover: Assessment of Regional Powers and Indian Interests

Download this Discussion Document as a PDF Executive Summary This report argues that the Taliban victory in Afghanistan will impact the regional geopolitical dynamics and the interests of major regional powers. During the insurgency phase, most regional powers had maintained differential support to the Taliban to facilitate a common objective...

US and Australian Antitrust Investigations into Google and Facebook

Today, some odd-30 years after the creation of the Internet and the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee, it seems to have mutated into an anathema of everything it originally stood for- multitudes of small, niche websites have been replaced by a few lumbering giants, competition has been throttled by...

Australia may have opened the door for India. Like Rafale, a submarine deal is critical

Fear, it seems, is the reigning global emotion and is reflected in innumerable speeches at the seventy-sixth United Nations General Assembly session. The dangers posed to humanity by climate change, extremism, and human and women’s rights violations were seated in the front row of the hall of fear. Cooperation was...

MisDisMal-Information 50: Of Misinformation sources, corrections and religion

This is an excerpt from Edition 50 of MisDisMal-Information For the complete edition, go to: Of Misinformation sources, corrections and religion – by Prateek Waghre – MisDisMal-Information ( Correcting beliefs and the role of religion Ok, now that you’ve been through my opening rant, let’s turn our attention to a recent study...

India should invest in ever more sophisticated cyber armaments

A century ago, the declaration of war was a formal exercise. Diplomats in frock coats would turn up at chancellories to first serve ultimatums and subsequently to hand-deliver notices of war. Some would even insist on reading them out aloud for the benefit of bemused recipients, who would then make...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 112

China-India: New Chief for XMD, Cyber activities in India, Doklam; Taiwan; US Gen called his Chinese Counterpart to Avert Conflict; PLA Promotions I. The Big Story: China-India Brief India and China’s Foreign Ministers Dr S Jaishankar and Wang Yi met in Dushanbe last week, ahead of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit....

The Murky Waters of Kerala’s Knowledge Economy Mission

The Union, States, and other stakeholders can reap benefits from broad-based employment platforms like the Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission. But for such technological innovations to succeed, they require more nuance, engagement, and diversity at the design stage to cater to the needs of all of Kerala’s unemployed. Read the article...

As Quad focuses on Tech, the Debate on Standard Setting

Technology will be at the forefront of the first in-person Quad summit in the United States (US). The control of critical technologies and their supply chains remain essential for all States to project their geopolitical influence. However, having a grip on the governance mechanism of these critical technologies in the form...
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