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The Kra Canal: What Does It Mean For India?

By Manoj Kewalramani, Anirudh Kanisetti, and Kunaal Kini Download the study in PDF A canal along the Isthmus of Kra could alter the strategic calculus for states across Southeast Asia, with China expected to benefit the most. In light of recent discussions around building the canal with the help of...

Book Chapter— Non-state threats to India’s Maritime Security

Book Chapter: Sailing deeper into an era of violent peace: Non-state threats to India’s maritime security Nitin Pai, Co-Founder and Director of the Takshashila Institution in The Rise of the Indian Navy: Internal Vulnerabilities, External Challenges Harsh V. Pant, Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies Series Ashgate, New Delhi. 202 Pages. (2012)...

Pragmatic | Slippages in the sea

Huge cost and time over-runs in India’s naval projects Now that India has decided to go ahead with its plans for oil-exploration in the South China Sea, much against the Chinese wishes, the focus should be on the new projects of the Indian Navy. Here is an overview of four...

The Broad Mind | Nurturing India’s Maritime Military Resurgence

Commodore RPS Ravi, VSM (Retd) calls for a coherent strategy to protect India’s growing maritime interests. The British, when they ruled India, were circumspect in giving Indians any significant role in maritime matters. It is because, Britain being a maritime power, ruled over many parts of the world through the...

Acorn | Burney points

Beyond the Pakistani initiatives in releasing MV Suez Other than the fact that six of its 22 sailors were Indian nationals, the MV Suez, an Egyptian-owned, Panamanian-flagged ship, was more about Pakistan. It was captained by a Pakistani national and was on a voyage from Karachi to the Eritrean port...

Acorn | The Asian Balance: General Liu can shut his eyelids now

Why does China need an aircraft carrier? This is the unedited draft of my column in the Business Standard today.   China’s new aircraft carrier should surprise only those who were not looking—it has been China’s largest open secret for several years now. It has been apparent, literally,—thanks to Google...

The Asian Balance: Policing the Indian Ocean

Doing more maritime chowkidari Excerpts from my column in Business Standard: What can we do in the short term? Now, while the Indian Navy has discharged itself admirably in escorting convoys and fighting pirates, it is primarily a war-fighting force. New Delhi’s priority must remain equipping it to become a...
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