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MisDisMal-Information 36: Of Must-Carry Water and Gettin’ Twitchy at Internet Scores

This is an excerpt from Edition 36 of MisDisMal-Information For the complete edition, go to: Of Must-Carry Water and Gettin’ Twitchy at Internet Scores – MisDisMal-Information Newsletter ( Must-Carry Water and Gettin’ Twitchy at Internet Scores Last week, in a case pertaining to whether Donald Trump, as President, blocking people on Twitter was a...

Seventh Fleet move a reminder that Quad must remain a group of equals, not a US-led posse

The US Navy’s Seventh Fleet statement of 7 April 2021, after the freedom of navigation operation off Maldives in India’s Exclusive Economic Zone or the EEZ, even if legally valid, and watered down later by the Pentagon Spokesman, was unwarranted and seems indifferent to the sensitive phase in India-US relations. Post the statement, it...

Hand Me the Paper: The Effect of GDPR on Privacy Policies

A newsletter that chomps through PDFs and brings you the hottest content from the very niche world of tech-academia. Bite-sized. I do a fair bit of reading. I read 52 books last year and am doing it again this year. Starting this year, I also plan on reading more academic papers around tech and...

The Takshashila PLA Insight: Issue No 94

China-India: Corp Commanders Meeting, New Commander for XMD; SCS; Guidelines for PLA’s Ideological & Political Education; Taiwan; US Fonops & India The 11th round of Corp Commander-level talks and new Commander for the Xinjiang Military District The 11th Corp Commander-level meeting between China and India was held at the Chushul-Moldo border...

Gender parity in the Indian Army

Two rounds of a prolonged legal battle by women officers of the Indian Army were won through Supreme Court judgements on February 17 and March 25. The actual ‘war’ is a quest for ‘Equality of Opportunity’, which the government is constitutionally bound to uphold. Unfortunately, its efforts in the courts...

What’s behind China’s Wolf Warrior Diplomacy?

China’s imposition of punitive sanctions on EU institutions and individuals over Xinjiang, its attacks on the West’s colonial past when discussing human rights and the recent outburst by Yang Jiechi during the dialogue in Anchorage have all re-ignited discussions over Beijing’s assertive diplomacy. In fact, throughout the past year, there has been much debate...

Election Manifestoes in Tamil Nadu: Great leap ahead but not enough money

– By Praveen Kumar The state needs to expand its revenue sources to fund ambitious monthly basic income to the households Historically, social welfare schemes are high on the Tamil Nadu governments’ agenda. From pioneering mid-day meals in the 1960s to free colour TVs, laptops, and farm loan waivers, welfare...

India should cooperate with Africa in renewable energy

Recently, India entered a strategic partnership with the International Energy Agency. “India will have a critical role in shaping the world’s energy and climate future,” said the executive director of the IEA. Now, India will see great potential in creating renewable energy and must partner up with other countries in this space....

Russia-Japan relations and why the Kurils matter

While there are signs of pragmatism in both Moscow and Tokyo, this last barrier to concluding WW2 remains The Kuril Islands, or the Northern Territories as Japan likes to call them, are at the center of an uneasy relationship between Russia and Japan. The USSR occupied the islands between August...

India’s recognition of Taliban should just be tactical, not let it rule Afghanistan again

This article was first published in ThePrint. Afghanistan is living proof that technological superiority in warfare is an insufficient condition for winning wars. The political outcomes of wars are hostage to success on the political table of diplomatic parleys. How else can one explain that the most powerful nation in...
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