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India dives into Quad waters

This article first appeared in Deccan Herald Several strands of strategic vectors may have been generated from the geostrategic moves signified by the first ever summit, albeit virtual, of the Quad leaders, Joe Biden, Narendra Modi, Yoshide Suga and Scott Morrison on March 12, 2020. In a first for the...

Chinese Communist Party has goals. India needs to have its own, not just respond to aggression

This article was originally published in ThePrint There are glaring dissimilarities in India’s foreign policy stances towards China post the military disengagement in Doklam 2017 and the ongoing one in Ladakh. The former was followed by a reset that resembled closeness and acquiescence through informal summits in Wuhan and Mamallapuram while the latter seems...

The PLA Insight: China-India: NPC & Tibet, Quad, Amb Vijay Gokhale’s Paper; Admiral Davidson’s Testimony; Defence Budget; Xi & the PLA; SCS: Continuity & Change

I. The Big Story: China-India The National People’s Congress (NPC) was concluded yesterday. In this section, I briefly highlight the discussion from the NPC which affects India. 1) NPC and Tibet China should accelerate plans to build a hydropower plant on a river near its disputed border with India, two senior officials said...

Why China is the Kautilya of international politics

This article was first published in ThePrint The gameplay on the chessboard of global politics continues to cast its shadow on India’s relationships with the United States, China, nations of the sub-continent, and within its own federal units. For the skeptics of Kautilya’s continued relevance, the contemporary geopolitical chessboard underlines...

The PLA Insight: China-India Dispute; Testimonies: Deterring PRC Aggression towards Taiwan; PLA’s Missile Training Facilities; Near Seas Defense & Far Seas Protection

I. Big Story: China-India Border Dispute The New York Times published a story this week claiming that China was responsible for Mumbai’s October 2020 outage. The report cites a study conducted by Recorded Future, a Somerville, Mass., company that studies the use of the internet by state actors. The company claims...

The PLA Insight: China-India Disengagement; Military Logistics; Training Reforms; The South China Sea; CMC Regulations

Scope: Disengagement at Pangong, 10th Corp Commander-level meeting, diplomacy and military diplomacy, the brink of war, China’s Galwan story, Chinese social media, trade and the future of Sino-Indian relations. Read More

The problem with China’s new coastguard law

China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed a law on January 22, 2021, authorising its coastguards to open-fire on foreign vessels in the contested waters around its periphery. The law empowers its coastguards to use all necessary means to stop or prevent threats from foreign vessels and details the circumstances...

Unless China changes thinking, any border agreement is a perishable good

It should not come as a surprise that the Narendra Modi government and some in the media and strategic community have projected the military agreement to disengage on both banks of the Pangong Tso in Ladakh as a triumph. The footage of Chinese forces dismantling their forward stations and retreating behind the agreed positions supports...

In its centenary year, the CCP’s revisionist history

In July, the Communist Party of China (CCP) will celebrate its centenary. This is the most important event in the CCP’s political calendar. It presents an opportunity for the leadership to highlight developmental achievements, which are seen as critical to its legitimacy. Economic development, however, is one of many factors...

Eye on China: Pangong Lake Disengagement – ‘three cattle spirit’ – BRI – New Births Fall – Biden-Xi Call – BBC – WHO

Eye on China is a weekly bulletin offering news and analysis related to the Middle Kingdom from an Indian interests perspective. I. The Pangong Tso Disengagement Both China and India announced the beginning of disengagement along the north and south banks of Pangong Tso this week. The first announcement came...
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