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An Ongoing Journal on Russia-Japan Relations #2

The state of economic cooperation between Japan and Russia   Since the new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga took over, the consensus has been that his administration will continue the policies of economic cooperation with Russia pursued by his predecessor Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.   Japan is primarily motivated by...

Testing and Tracing: Case for a Relook

The Drug Controller General of India has given emergency approvals to vaccine candidates being manufactured in India. The Government of India is also keen on a nationwide rollout through a mass vaccination campaign.  While the focus should be on ensuring an effective and equitable strategy for vaccine deployment, India must...

An Ongoing Journal on Russia-Japan Relations #1

Russia-Japan relations are an arena of geopolitics less explored than the headline grabbing contention between the West and Russia.   As neighbours, Japan and Russia have always had an uneasy relationship that has seen many flashpoints including the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese war, which changed the very nature of great power conflict...

Tracking the COVID-19 Vaccine # 2

A lot has changed since the last blog post. Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have declared preliminary results for their ongoing Phase III trials while the UK has rushed to grant approval to the Pfizer vaccine and aims to begin vaccinations by next week.   The Union Health Minister was quick...

Why It Is a Bad Idea for the MIB to Moderate Online Content

This article was written by Nirali Trivedi, student of the GCPP (Tech and Policy) Programme and Rohan Seth, policy analyst, technology. The Central Government has, with effect from 9 November 2020, brought under the jurisdiction and control of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB)  news and current affairs content...

Considerations underlying Prioritisation of COVID-19 vaccine recipients

The scale and rampant spread of COVID-19 has generated a huge challenge for the world. While vaccine candidates are racing through the trial process, countries are gearing up to administer the early vaccines to their populace. It is obvious that initially no country will have enough vaccine supply to vaccinate everyone....

Tracking the COVID-19 Vaccine

Tracking the COVID-19 Vaccine By Ameya Paleja To contain the COVID-19 pandemic, India has a mammoth task of vaccinating a major share of her population. At Takshashila Institution, we recently recommended a strategy to vaccinate 80% of India’s population by December 2021. If you missed the engaging discussion during our...

SMART and the Challenge of Submarine Hunting

The Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo tested last month might seem an impressive weapon on paper, but to make it an effective weapon, India will need to drastically improve its ability to monitor the oceans depths. The Government of India and DRDO announced on 5 October 2020 that they...

Design and Construction of Submarines

Some Cutting Edge Features, Technology and Tactics have their origin in the Cold War and WWII. The following commentary is an effort to connect some dots and put into perspective some information about the Design and Construction choices of Submarines during the Cold War by the US and USSR. The...

Health or money? Why can’t Indians have both?

Since the pandemic started, there has been news about Indians having to pay bills for COVID-19 treatment anywhere in the range from 1 lakh to 20 lakhs. One can only imagine the strain these bills would have put on the household finances. According to the National Health Accounts 2016-17 report,...
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